When do practices start?

Practices usually begin in early November and go through March.  Currently we practice once a week to start the season, but starting in January we will practice twice a week. 

What if I missed the first practice/is it too late to register?

If you don’t make the first practice, or first few weeks, that is okay. We structure our practices so that wrestlers who miss out on practice time will still have the opportunity to learn the moves they did not see at those practices.  We are constantly reviewing and working on the things that we have learned during the season and our coaches will work with your wrestler to help ensure they are not missing out on any of the moves we are working on.

We have an open registration until the end of January, so you can register your wrestler any time up to the end of January.  After January it becomes too difficult to make sure your wrestler gets all of the instruction they need to learn the moves we are working on for the season.  If it is after January we would encourage you to contact the club with questions you have regarding registration.

How often do you practice?

The club typically practices once a week, up to January then we practice twice a week. The club does have an arrangement with Lincoln Warriors to allow our club members the opportunity to practice up to three times per week.

Where are practices located?

Practices are held at Lincoln High School in the wrestling room, please enter and exit through Door 29 on the south side of the building .  Consult the calendar for practice dates and times.

How old can my wrestler be?

Wrestlers should be between the ages of 4-14, we sometimes allow younger wrestlers to participate with prior approval.  Wrestlers need to be able to listen and follow direction in a group setting and work independently with a partner.

What equipment do I need?

Practice attire is comfortable clothes for working out, usually shorts and a t-shirt.  Wrestling shoes are recommended, but not required.  All shoes worn on the mats, MUST NOT BE WORN OUTSIDE!!! No street shoes are allowed on the mats at any time!

Tournament attire should be a singlet, shoes and optional head gear. (Shoes need to be worn at tournaments!)

Singlets – Singlets can be worn for practices, but are not required at practices.  Singlets should be worn for tournaments, the club has singlets for all wrestlers that members can check out.  Please only wear the club singlets to tournaments, not to practices.  Use of the club singlet requires a $75 deposit, once the singlet if the singlet is returned in good condition the full deposit is returned to you.

Shoes – Wrestling shoes are recommended, but not required.  All shoes worn on the mats, MUST NOT BE WORN OUTSIDE!!! The club does have a limited number of wrestling shoes that members can check out for the season.

Headgear – Headgear is recommended, but not required.

What should my wrestler wear to practice?

Practice attire is comfortable clothes for working out, usually shorts and a t-shirt.  Wrestling shoes are recommended, but not required.   All shoes worn on the mats, MUST NOT BE WORN OUTSIDE!!! no street shoes are allowed on the mats at any time.  Headgear is recommended, but not required.

How do you separate practice groups?

Generally the groups are skill based, however there are other factors that determine where a wrestler will practice that night.  Coaches will let the wrestlers know where they are practicing and if they need to be in a different group.  If you have any questions about which group your wrestler was in at practice a please talk with one of the coaches.  The groups are listed below:

     Elite – this is the group of wrestlers are working on the Elite skills that will help them for their entire wrestling careers.
     Experienced – this group has learned the Elite skills & moves and are working on moves that will help them be successful at higher levels, and with more difficult opponents.  This group will also allow wrestlers to be exposed to a wide variety of moves and help them find the skill set that they can have the most success with in their wrestling career.

What are tournaments?

Tournaments are competitions (meets) where wrestlers compete against other wrestlers in individual matches.  The tournaments are divided into divisions either based on age or grade, and wrestlers compete against other wrestlers who are about their weight.  These tournaments are usually held on Saturdays and Sundays at different locations.  We provide additional information on the tournaments the club is going to be participating in, one to two weeks in advance of the tournament.  Generally there will be at least one tournament each week during the competitive session and fewer during the early session. Some local tournaments do not have a separate girls division, but we will not target a tournament that does not offer a separate girls division!

Does my wrestler have to participate in tournaments?

No, your wrestler does not need to compete in tournaments.  The club participates in several tournaments through out the year.  These tournaments are held at various sites usually at local high schools.   Tournament participation is not required, but is encouraged by the club.

Does my wrestler need to maintain a certain weight?

NO! Most tournaments the club participates in do not have set weight groups.  Wrestlers are grouped with other wrestlers of similar weights.  We do participate in a few tournaments where there are set weight classes, in those tournaments your wrestler will be put in a weight class that has a set weight range.

How do I sign my wrestler up?

You can register online at anytime just click the registration link here on our website.  In person registration is also done before or after regularly scheduled practices and at our parents meetings. 

What is the Parents Meeting?

We hold a parents meeting at the start of each session.  This is a informational meeting to let you know about the club, introduce our coaching staff to the wrestlers and families, explain the expectations of the club for wrestlers, parents and coaches, check out equipment and help fill out paperwork for registration.

Can my wrestler practice the same day we register?

Yes.  Registration can be done before or after any regularly scheduled practice.  Once registration is completed, your wrestler can practice right away.

What is the Cost?

The costs for practices for the season November- March is $100.  The fees collected help the club pay for, instruction, club insurance, individual USA membership, participation fees for specific tournaments, club t-shirts, facilities fees and more.   The club is focused on ensuring that every wrestler who wants to participate, can and is willing to make fee arrangements if needed.

What are the rules of wrestling?

For an overview of wrestling rules, click HERE

If you have any additional question please feel free to Contact Us.