2021-2022 Season Information

(Please check the calendar for the full practice schedule)

Lincoln Girls Wrestling is offering free practices on Wednesdays to all girls interested in a girls wrestling practice.  There is no fee or cost to attend, we only require participants have a USA Wrestling card and sign a waiver.  Any Wednesday practice we have will be open to any girl who wants to practice.  Practicing with us does not mean you are joining our club, our expectation is that wrestlers will continue to practice with their home club and compete with their home club.  We are offering these open practices in an effort to help grow girls wrestling and give girls an opportunity to practice in a girls practice.  Wednesdays are one of our normal practice days and practices will be structured as a normal girls club practice. We hope to see you at one of our practices, you can find our practice dates at lincolngirlswrestling.com.

Lincoln Girls Wrestling is dedicated to providing a fun and welcoming environment for girls to experience the sport of wrestling. The club is open only to girls, ages 4 – 14 years old and their families regardless of what school they attended or city of residence.

Practices are offered for both new wrestlers and experienced competitive wrestlers. Both groups practice at the same time. Our Early Session practices once weekly November – December and our Regular Season practices twice weekly Jan-March..

Our Regular Season starts January 5, 2022

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